Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life in a Fallen World

Jim and I faced another bitter disappointment yesterday. The wounds from the world can sting and smart. Why is it that I so expect the very best from people? I expect people to be inherently good, moral, honest and to do the right thing. I should know from my own heart that I am not inherently any of those qualities. I am a selfish sinner saved only by grace through the blood of Christ. The following is an encouraging quote that touched my heart this morning while I was reading.

We often expect too much but "Life is not like that. Christ calls us to be willing servants. He commands us to accept our humanness and the thorns which this world presses into our flesh... We are called to accept the imperfections life casts upon us and look to Him for strength and wisdom. We must accept that we cannot arrange the world as we would like, and that at times logic will not supply the proper course, nor will our deepest desires be entirely met. This is life in a fallen world, where wars come and go, where nations rage and people cry in torment. We must be strong, not in ourselves, but in Him. And trust that His love and His wisdom and His light will see us through."

from The Beloved Land by Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn

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