Friday, February 13, 2009

I'll have a ...

It's Friday. Yeah the week is over. To celebrate, I think I will borrow a quote from my facebook button and say "I'll have a Cafe Mocha Vodka, Valium, Latte to go please." Seriously, it has been one of those weeks :) Or I may escape to my own little world where only I the crazy person lives! Or better yet, I will borrow from Gladys the 88 year old lady on Ellen the other day who helped me split a gut laughing when she said "I love Jesus, but I drink a little." :)

Let me quickly summarize the journey of the past few days.

Friday the 6th, we visit the Headache Care Center in Springfield for Jim's follow-up appointment from surgery. The electrodes from the occipital nerve have slipped down into his left shoulder. Hmmm that is why he twitches when we turn on the machine :) Solution, another surgery soon to fix that.

Saturday: Upwards basketball, soccer games, family birthday party in Skiatook. Busy day but great fun. Little big man now scored 4 baskets and then his 1st indoor soccer goal! He rocked the day.

Sunday: The weather changed and it got warm! My son could not keep his blood sugar above 70 no matter what he seemed to eat or drink that day. Seriously close to having a seizure at one point. Jim held him while I poured honey in his mouth. Crazy huh! Googled weather and blood sugar later and found out that it DOES have an effect on blood sugar.

Monday: I am cranky and achy but not thinking much about it. Carter isn't feeling well and I am more concerned about his blood sugar and overall health. Jim checks Carter for a fever Monday night and then tests the thermometer on me. Sure enough, I am the one running the fever. What mom has time for that do I dare ask?

Tuesday: Hope, Elijah, and I are all running fevers...yuck! Jim calls and says his surgery is scheduled for the next day in Springfield. Hmmmm, what to do as I am still cruddy. Thankfully, Martin Smith offers to drive with my husband to Springfield and bring him back home. I send out prayer requests emails asking for the neurosurgeon to literally use gorilla glue to keep the electrodes in place. Also ask for prayer for our job situation.

Wednesday: Still feel yucky and a little stir-crazy. My house is a MESS from allowing the kids to be in charge while I was under the weather. In all fairness, my spunky 9 year old really did try. Boy she can give orders like me :) I might need to sound a little nicer next time I need things done. I decided it is really hard to wait to hear the news about your husband over the telephone while he is in surgery. Finally, I get the call that all went well and he is one his way home. The surgeon used larger anchors to fasten the electrodes in place. Jim said there were also two more patients in the pre-op room that were going in again for the same thing. The great news about all of this, is that the occiptal nerve stimulator will once again be working and eliminating Jim's migraine's within 10 minutes of using it. That part also rocks!

Thursday: Day one of Jim's recovery and he is sore. I am finally starting to feel human again except for a raging headache. I think God is reminding me to have some more compassion for my husband. I don't take suffering and physical pain very well. I am a whiny sick person :) He on the other hand has an amazing pain threshold. That man is TOUGH! God bless him!

Friday: We have made it back to has it only been a week? I need to pick up and clean my entire house. Does anyone have any energy I can borrow?

My friend sent me a funny picture for Jim. I love it! As you laugh at it, please say a prayer that these electrodes stay put...FOREVER :)

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Laura said...

For all my dear, sweet Baptist friends, just read the first paragraph with a sense of humor! I love you guys! No, I don't watch Ellen either but I thought this sketch was hysterically funny. Laughter is about the only thing that keeps me going these days!