Friday, January 25, 2008

Elijah's not-so-fun Week

This has been a HUGE week for our littlest one Elijah. Tuesday morning he went in to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out and new tubes put in his ears. He has been sick off and on since October with fluid behind his ears and tonsilitis. We knew this was coming as the rest of our kids have had to do the same thing. Little man has had it rough though and recovery has not come quickly. Our big drinker has been refusing to drink and really gets upset when we have to force down his medicine. I have spent many a hours in this chair holding Elijah trying to comfort him. Hopefully today will be the day he begins to bounces back to his sweet active self!

This is Elijah after his surgery hiding from everyone and everything under his blanket.
Elijah has spent many hours buried in his blanket this week. Especially when mommy has to force him to drink or take medicine! :( Poor little Elijah I think he feels like he is escaping buried in his blanket! Maybe we all will disappear!

Daddy holds Elijah before they come and take him for surgery.

Our little wildman before they sedated him for surgery. He was EVERYWHERE! Jim and I were actually hoping they would come with the happy/sleepy medicine QUICK! :)

Elijah before surgery when he is happy. We haven't seen much of this sweet face this week while he has been recovering!

Mommy and Elijah waiting for Dr. Holland to come in.


Dalene said...

You need to frame that picture with the "cap" on his head in his hospital gown. Classic. I'm sure that one will make the cut for the "wedding slide-show."

Christy said...

He's so precious. Glad he's doing a little better. I'm sure that 4 lbs. will come back soon!!! (:

Love ya!

Kayla said...

He is so cute and I also feel really bad for him! I was the only one in the family who hasn't had surgery!v