Saturday, February 2, 2008

Update on Elijah

Well we have made it through another week and I can finally say we have turned the corner and Elijah is feeling better! After battling with him to drink ANYTHING for days he finally began to start drinking this week. I was starting to worry about dehydration since he was only having one "sort of" wet diaper a day....compared to the usual soaking wet ones. Elijah has lost 4 pounds since surgery and his voice still sounds like he has swallowed the helium from 3 balloons but he is HAPPY at last. He has begun to play more and be less attatched from me. Here are the quotes from the last week...."Hold me mommy" "Mommy, I need you" "Hold me mommy, Rock the baby(that being him!)"
My little waif of a child 4 pounds lighter. There has never been a skin and bone Robertson child at 2 years of age...they all had the baby chub chub!
Again our little hide and seek child.....if he covered his eyes perhaps the world would leave him alone and not make him eat, drink, or take his medicines.
Wiped out in the chair from all the medications!

Jim and I filled every cup we could with different drinks trying to entice him to drink. He loved lining them up on the counter. He would organize, arrange, and change however not DRINK them!

A happy child at last with all of his drinks....this was the morning he began to turn around and drink fluids.


Marci H said...

I am glad to see he is doing better and actually smiling for the camera.
I had to laugh at the picture with all the drinks lined up on the counter for him- - -I noticed the Sonic Cup in the background and thought, "Hmmm, maybe the Sonic Cup would have enticed him!" LOL :>)
I know with Cooper, he would have been reaching for the Sonic Cup and yelling, "POP!".

Kayla said...

I am glad that Elijah is happy. He looked better at church today.