Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Does it Really Mean part 2!

A couple of days ago, I had the arrogance to post a blog pointing out someone's error in spelling and grammatical context. I was having fun laughing through it. Then God has a sense of humor...ha ha ha! I attempted to be creative the other morning to ease my stress level. (I have to create something to relax) Needless to say my dear friend Brenda is having a Q & A for a group of couples at her church who are exploring homeschooling. I thought it would be fun to make a flier on photoshop to share with other friends who may be interested in coming. After reading this through 3 times in Adobe Photoshop, this is what I sent out. Can you catch all of my spelling errors? I don't even want to know about the grammatical ones!

Yep, I dun one smart homeshooling mama! The most frustrating thing besides actually sending this out to lots of people, is that it literally takes an hour for me to fix it in photoshop. There is no spell check and when you use Adobe, you literally are scrapbooking a bunch of different layers to a page. When you think you are finished, you hit merge! It is like sending the page through a laminating machine. There ain't no way you can dun go back! It is sure gonna be hard to fix when that there thing is all smashed and glued together!

So lessons of the day. DON'T make fun of something you will probably end up doing yourself. Always have your friends like Dalene, Christy, and Kipplyn edit and proof read your work before hand and last always save a sample of the thing you is workin on in photoshop in a layered form so you can dun go in a fix it!

Thanks to all my amazing and gracious friends who lovingly emailed me with the correct spelling and grammatical changes. You guys even gave me great excuses to why I had failed to do it right (thanks Kristen and Laura). You guys are awesome.

By the way, if the new one has any errors on it...I am resigning!


Dalene said...

Don't worry. It's not as bad as a billboard that I saw recently with a grammatical error. Can you catch it?

"Enrollment is filling up fast, get yours in today."


khowze said...

Don't worry, I just noticed one the first time you sent it too me. I read through those things to fast to notice and I bet others do too!