Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pinky De Hearts

Sometimes you learn the darndest things from your kids. Last night I was talking to my little munchkin red head when she mentioned the name of her pink frog to me "Pinky de hearts". I was cracking up thinking she was a "Pink Lady" from Grease or something saying it to me in her deep 4 year old voice. As we sat on the couch for bedtime stories, she proceeded to show me how Pinky de Hearts wears "just a wittle bit" of wipsmackers wipgloss that is rubbed in ever so gently.

Little Red also has a very fond attachment to a small stuffed Chihuahua named "Rosy". Unfortunately for Hope the other day, our male corgi Brumley who is also attracted to small stuffed dogs got to spend some quality time with Rosy. After a bath in the washing machine and some TLC from Hope, this is Rosy with her "new" do. See the picture posted above.

Here are some things my kids have said that make me laugh.

According to the little munchkins we drive a "bourbon". When something is missing that took a road trip it is "in the bourbon" or the "red Bourbon."

The Pear trees that bloom in the spring are "popcorn" trees.

During school time, one of my dearies was answering a question that required measuring with a ruler. Apparently, the ruler they were using didn't measure inches correctly. According to them, only the blue ruler we have measures inches correctly. Now that I think about it, I am sure my tape measure that I use to measure my hips isn't correct either.

Little Red tells everyone that we are not allowed to eat at Old McDonalds.

And finally a question from out of nowhere!
From Little Red at the dinner table "Mommy do babies come out before the wedding sometimes.?" Hmmmmm


Dalene said...

CUTE Stories!!!

I love that Little Red. She's so entertaining.

Laura J. said...

Thanks for the laughs Laura! Hope is too cute...I could hear her saying all of that with such seriousness. :)