Friday, August 15, 2008

More K-Kauia Video exerpts

Some of the highlights from our family Kamp on video. We were able to run into old friends who we hadn't seen in years. Eric Peterson was my K-life leader in high school. He and his wife Kim were at Kamp with their 3 kids Starr, Cade, and Raleigh. It was really fun to catch up with them and see their kids in person. One of my most favorite memories was getting to see Cooper Merrill. I used to babysit their family Kirby, Bo, Cooper, and Emmy. I lived with them while I went to school and they were all in my wedding 14 years ago! Their mom Kim is an amazing Godly woman who has a contagious sense of humor and was a huge influence on my life. Here is a fun picture of Cooper all grown up with 2 of my kiddos. Where does time go?

The shovel relay race. I was a little nervous putting Eli on the back of the shovel with 2 very fast, strong competitive Peterson's! You can hear my serious prayer in the background that Eli not get hurt :) Kim Peterson's ran after her husband saying Eric don't let him fall off. Eli had a blast and started crying when he had to get off the shovel to let someone else have a turn. Hope went next. Carter got to celebrate his birthday at Kamp. It was so fun to hear the birthday rap and watch Carter's serious and overwhelmed expression. I think he had fun ! I had fun watching the silly dancing. I want to find that great song on "Ice Cream and Cake".
Found it thanks to Kipplyn! Listen and Enjoy!


Laura J. said...

What a blast! I want to go to family camp!!!! Maybe next year. :)

Kipplyn said...
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Kipplyn said...

It was a great time! The song is "ICE CREAM AND CAKE" by the Buckwheat Boyz. We found it and Lily has been dancing to "her song" all week!