Thursday, August 14, 2008


Our family has been to K-Kauai family Kamp and it was a one in a million experience. Here are a few highlights from our trip! Enjoy :)

Emma above with her other favorite counselor Crystal.

Hope busted out of her shell and rocked the wall! She amazed us all for being only 4! You go girl!

"I don't wanna go home boom boom I'm having a wonderful time. "

"I'll hide right here under my blanket and maybe they'll leave me behind"
A+ for creative thinking.

Emma and her Kamp friends Josie and RandiKate

Hillbilly Hawaiian Hullabaloo

Elijah and Hope's favorite pastime.
Notice Eli's shirt..."My parents are exhausted"
Our buddy Jansen with Eli. Jansen hung out with Carter the whole time and watched out for any blood sugar swings. He was awesome!

Our silly friend Clay. Eli still looks at his face in a picture and makes funny noises at him.

Picture Perfect!

Gospel Walk "A Night of Second Chances" was amazingly powerful.

Arm wrestling during Hawaiian Hullabaloo night was a family favorite!

Playing monster golf was a huge hit with our family. I actually can hit the ball.

Giant Jenga!

Emma with one of her Riptide counselors Sarah. Emma would have lived at Kamp all summer long as she was really in her element.

Will Cunningham the director hugging on our kids telling Carter he can do anything he wants to do and encouraging him.

Three very silly, happy boys!

Shooting at the archery range was a FAVORITE thing to do!

Carter and I both had fun shooting the BB gun. I may be asking for a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas.

Our giggling, kool-aid stained 2 year old! Having a BLAST!!!!!!
Elijah thinks he owns the Kamp. He often would take himself on a walk through Kamp leaving our room when he felt like it. We could find him in places such as "The Bean" where we would hear stories of him leaning over a booth to tap our guest speaker on the shoulder, taking his face in his small hands and telling him excitedly "This place was closed but now it's Open!" We had several offers for him to join different families. I think this was due to his independent streak of wandering and exploring puddles, waterfalls, and high adventure areas. Someone should really talk to his parents about keeping a better eye on him. :)
Our family did the zipline, the ropes course, archery, riflery, canoeing, boat rides, rock wall climbing. Playing putt putt everyday was one of Carter's most favorite activities.

Here is Eli going off the high dive all by himself. I tell you what, this kid has no fear of heights!
We loved the awesome counselors who played with our kids and made them giggle, and giggle, and giggle. Jim and I were refreshed spiritually and renewed as we listened everyday to our guest speaker Rene Schlaepfer speak on Heaven. We loved playing together and having fun. Now we are all in recovery mode and catching up on many much needed ZZZZZ's. One of the highlights for me was how wonderful these college boys were with Carter. They really were on top of their game taking care of him and helping to manage his blood sugars during the morning hours. Jim and I were really grateful to see such amazing, servant hearts in these young men. They showed such compassion and maturity in making sure they took the best care of Carter. It was a blessing and made the week even better. I had to laugh when I told them to relax a bit and that everything was fine :) I have some more funny video clips I will post tomorrow.

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