Monday, February 18, 2008

Ramblings from a tired mommy!

Life has finally caught up to me and I have been under the weather. I am worn out and am dreaming of a 48 hour escape in my bedroom without any interruptions! LOL, not really I would miss my kids! Perhaps just a solid 8 hours of quiet time! Here are a few musings of the past few days from my kids that I wanted to keep fresh.
I tend to be a mothering monkey at times and spend few to many minutes "preening" over my children or as they call it "picking" on their skin, hair, ect. We have a rash of "bumpies" at our house that this mommy monkey can't seem to leave alone. Call it one of my many OCD tendencies. Well anyways, one of the nights this week....Hope had heard me bribe her brother Carter over something. So at the begining of one of my obsessive moments, Hope in her deep little voice completely serious says while I am trying to pick on her...."MOMMMMY....I want a dollar (pause) .........and a penny(pause) .......and a diamond and thennnn you can finish!." I better start praying more specifically for this girls future husband!!! Anyways, I got quite a kick out of it.

On a little more serious note, my sweet Carter has been having some sad moments lately. He is really frustrated over having to stop and check his blood sugar before eating something he is really excited about. He has been saying many times lately that he doesn't like being the only 7 year old boy he knows with diabetes and wants to meet a friend his age that has diabetes as well. He is tired of feeling and being "different" than his friends and standing out. Carter and I have begun to pray for opportunities for him to meet a friend his age that has diabetes. So please join me as I lift up his request and pray for God to bring an encourager into Carter's life and opportunities to meet and know other children with Juvenile Diabetes as well.


Becky said...

I will pray for a friend for Carter. That is a very legitimate request and makes me teary to think about him asking for that at his age. He shouldn't have to do that. It is so much nicer to go through things when you have someone to go through them with.

On the same note, I would just encourage you to remind him that lots of kids have other things that are hard, too. He may not find a friend with diabetes, but maybe one with epilepsy or cancer or some other thing that children should not have to go through. He can be a great testimony to those with whom he has contact because of the way he handles his circumstances. It is one of those hard lessons that most people don't have to learn until they are grown. God will use him in amazing ways that He may not have otherwise because of this.

Also, if any of Carter's friends' parents read this, encourage your kids on how to be a good friend to him. For instance, have them wait for him when he has to do his blood sugar before eating. I think that one of the best things I had when I was diagnosed with epilepsy was great friends who handled it amazingly well. In a time when I could have felt so abnormal and alone, I definitely did not, and it was because God placed these great peers in my life!

I know Carter has great friends, and you and Jim have great friends. They are probably all doing this already, but I just thought I would say something from my past experience.

Aubrey said...

I will pray as well for a friend for Carter. The pictures of Hope are absolutely adorable...I love the one where she's all dressed up and crying and then she looks like a kid model in the other. She is really turning into a beautiful young lady. Your kids are adorable. I hope you find those 8 hrs. of quiet time. You mothers who have more than 1 child are an inspiration to me.