Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning Mania! Beware

This is Little Red and the contents of her purse aka hidden treasures. Can you believe all of the stuff she crams in there and all of the RANDOM things she does put in there! It is really fun when she carries it to various places and proceeds to empty the contents and play with them. :)

It has been a while since I have posted. We have been busy tearing through our house and cleaning with my mom's amazing help. I have seen places of this house I have not seen since we moved in. My poor mother..."she didn't raise me this way" but let me just say with four kiddos, homeschooling, and really LIVING LIFE everyday in our house chaos sometimes wins over. So she put on a brave front and kept us going and working through the worst of it. Sometimes, I wanted to close the door and NEVER look back. I had that feeling in the girls room. The little packrats had "stuff" everywhere. Let me warn you it was quite the challenge. After 5 very long hours, we had things sorted, trashed, and piled in heaps for the garage sale. Little Red still has her "stash" to keep her sane with her 5 year old nesting habits but I can finally breathe relief when I step in their room.
Emma's box of stuff?

Things we found under the beds and in the corners of dark, scary places :(

Making progress. Emma is just like me and wanted to take off constantly during the cleaning process. We both are way to easily distracted!

We got it done and 3 weeks later it is still in fairly good shape. That makes me peaceful. Mainly because I don't want to go in that room again and do it over.

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khowze said...

I am about to do the same thing to my house...and dreading it!!! Can you send your mom over :)