Saturday, January 31, 2009

When Random isn't random enough!

I was challenged on facebook to write 25 random things about myself by Kipplyn Summers and Kristy Hewitt. My first list wasn't random enough for my friend Kipplyn so I tried harder to come up with a more unique list. Reader beware, you may learn more about me than you EVER cared to know!

1. My ipod has classical music, bluegrass, 90's rock, worship songs, and rap on it all mixed together in an odd playlist.
2. While watching American Idol last night one of the girls who made it walked barefoot everywhere. During the audition her black bottom feet showed and my skin was CRAWLING!!! Jim laughed at me.
3. Please, please, please don't ask me to sleep overnight in a tent or go camping without a nice hotel attatched to it. I spent 4 days down in the Black Canyon with my husband and brother drinking water from the stream and cooking up fish to eat and then hiking back up to the top again. Been there, done that.
4. That being said, I do love to fish and want to fly-fish better like my amazing brother. Catching a nice bass is quite fun as well as a beautiful rainbow trout.
5. I want to take a long cruise to Alaska and spend a week at the Biltmore estate touring the gardens.
6. I CAN"T sleep without a sound machine.
7. Chalk and chalkboards give me the heebeegeebees. I hold sidewalk chalk with a paper-towel and you won't ever see me using chalk in the school room. Makes my skin crawl again.....
8. I love my dad and we both enjoy eating smoked oysters, Stilton cheese, with a side of Irish Cream. I still can't quite do the pickled herring thing yet though :) EWWW the smell!
9. I don't like U2 or any hard rock music. My husband is still sad about that.
10. My husband bought me a mountain bike for our engagment....I rode it one time and flew over the handle bars in some state park while off-roading it in the woods. (Oh ya...I cussed him out all the way up every big hill. ) He bought me another bike after I had Hope...I also only rode it one time (around the parking lot of REI in Franklin, TN.) He bought me ANOTHER bike and now I actually ride a little with the kids. I am not exactly the wife he had in his dream world that would ride in a triatholon, run a marathon with him or exercise alongside him. 16 years later, he still loves me :).
11. I have a book I bought last year on snowflakes.... The SnowFlake Winter's Secret Beauty by Kenneth Libbrecht. It has amazing pictures.
12. My motto for myself and the friends I love dearly is let's keep it real.
13. I can't stand it when people inhale their snot deeply into their throats.
14. Never take ambien and then stay up shopping can get you in really big trouble!
15. I can pretty much use anyone's toothbrush in my family and not care. Jim happens to REALLY care however when I use his :)
16. After turning 35 years of washing machine and dryer now shrink every pair of pants I own.
17. I can read a 400 page historical fiction novel in 3.5 hours if I am really into it.
18. When Jim and I were dating, Jim took me to water-ski with friends at Beaver Lake...apparently I came up out of the water but my top didn't come up with me. The worst part was that I didn't notice right away and didn't let go of the rope.
19. I used to eat my cereal and let the cat drink the milk out of the bowl too. :)
20. I like archery and can sail a sailboat by myself.
21. In one weekend, I went from being blond, to green, to red.
22. I get nervous in a room full of people.
23. I don't care for crowds at all or a bunch of traffic. Living in a big city again would drive me insane.
24. I would have a Christmas tree in every room of my house if I could.
25. I have a desire to paint a room of my house coral pink and have it be completely frilly and girly :)
26. One exception to the camping thing, I would gladly sleep in any tent in a 3rd world country if I could go on a mission trip and serve.
27. Do you know most of us in the United States live better than any King or Queen did 200 years ago.

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