Friday, December 5, 2008

Now I am Going to Sing Joy To The World :)

Okay my blog all appeared again magically :) Yeah!

My favorite season is here. I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about Christmas minus the chaos of a gazillion activities we seem to entrap ourselves into ....but I do LOVE this season. We baked our first batch of green spritz cookies today. It was a crazy chaotic kitchen with all 5 of us. Emma used her math to double the fractions and tell me what we were going to need to measure out. We talked about the science behind the baking powder and baking soda and just had a great morning. Eli left his imprint all over the kitchen as he got into the food coloring. Around noon, I left everything in a mid stand still to pick up my husband from the ER. I guess he thought it would be okay to sneak down there without telling anyone this morning and get treatment for the migraine he has had for the past 3 weeks. God bless his soul...he needs it for when he wakes up tomorrow, he is going to have to face one mighty ticked off wife.... only for the fact that he 1. drove himself to the ER in the middle of a hemiplegic migraine 2. Told no one and 3. Didn't call until they refused to release him to drive himself home....I am truly thinking these migraines cause a tad bit of cognitive impairment. I don't think I would be so hoppin steamin at him right now if I didn't love him so dog gone much. :) You all know what I mean.

Anyways, tomorrow we have 2 Christmas shows that all of my darlings are in! I had no idea that God would give me such a bunch of showkids. They love to be on stage. All four of them in their own way shine :) I will try and post some video of the performance on Sunday. We are off to indoor soccer on Sunday and then I am going to collapse on Monday, happy for a break from the chaos.
On a more spiritual note, I have found myself battling some depression this week over the various health issues that go on in our family. I have been praying through it and I know the solution for me is to not focus on myself but to get out and serve those God has put in my path. I pray this season, I can look out with the eyes God has and see all of the people who need His extra love this season. I pray my children and I can serve together and look beyond our family to see how to minister to others around us. I encourage all of us to reflect on what God has done in our lives and praise Him for what He is and is going to do, to treasure moments with loved ones, to take a break from the chaos, enjoy your precious family, praise God for health, food to eat, and shelter. I am reminded to remember the broken-hearted, the down-cast, and those less fortunate than myself.

Thank you to those who have ministered to me this past week with your prayers for my boys (both big and little) and for your words of encouragment. Love to you all.


Laura said...

I think I should have labeled this post "rantings from a worn out woman". Sorry for rambling on in such an incoherent fashion :) Hopefully the next post will flow better.

Laura said...

By the way, my husband is feeling MUCH better this morning. I little shaky from the cocktail of medicine he got yesterday but Praise the Lord NO HEADACHE :) Yes I was kind to him as well.

Courtney said...

Man, I am glad that he is better. men....I just don't get their inate inability to communicate when it comes to pain/health issues! :)

glad you were nice to him.

saw parts of the show today...was cute! (at least all the little ones were) *yours included!

Dalene said...

You have a lot going on, and I think you handle it very well. I can't imagine getting a call like that from my hubby!