Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

These cute pictures and the card are by my friend Andrea Mann. If you would like to check out her photography go to Merry Christmas!

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Courtney said...

Those are REALLY great pics! Love them.

Okay, so funny story...I got your comment in my inbox (email) and I was reading it and then your name was hyperlinked (just Laura) so I scrolled my mouse over it to see if I could tell which Laura it was and a box popped up that said Laura Lane Welch Bush and I about peed my pants and was so excited that I ran and told Jeff that Laura Bush commented on my blog! Anyway, then I actually clicked on it, to see where it came from and it was yours. So, thank you for your comment (very much) and while I think you are pretty dang cool, it was sort of a downer when you weren't her! :) Then I laughed and of course was laughed at (a lot!).

Merry Christmas!