Friday, November 7, 2008

Updates on our Crew

We are sick over here. It really makes me appreciate feeling great even more. I got step throat last week and started on amoxicillin at a very high dose. Then Monday I broke out in hives and an itchy rash. My prescription was changed to a Z-pack and that has helped but whatever I was battling moved down into my chest. So I finally am getting my energy back and just trying to deal with this annoying cough. Meanwhile, the munchkins have had head colds as well. Carter woke up at 3 am throwing up so we have been checking blood sugars and ketones since then. Thankfully his blood sugar has not been high. The challenge has been for me to keep it above 100. He doesn't feel like eating or drinking anything so I am coaxing him with ginger ale and saltine crackers. I usually stress a lot when he is sick, but I am just giving him over to God knowing it is one more situation that I can't even begin to "control". I was reflecting a little about that this morning in my quiet time and can say for certain that "I am not who I was" 5 years ago and for that I am truly grateful. The path has been hard, painful, and long and I am being changed and challenged daily. Funny how the more I grow, the more I am aware of the sinfulness that still abounds in my life. I am grateful for His unfailing love and forgiveness for me. If you want an encouraging word today, check out my friend Christy's blog at Blessings friends.


Dalene said...

Oh I'm sorry you all are sick!!!

Christy said...

man, bummer being sick isn't it? I am especially sorry that Carter is ill and not wanting to eat. the dreaded diabetic nightmare! (: Get well. Lots of hugs and prayers coming from the Cook house for you ALL.