Sunday, November 9, 2008

7 Random Things about Me

Hmmmm, here I go.

1. I hate my feet to be dirty and am very OCD about having socks or shoes on. It is a RARE day that you will catch me barefoot. I usually wear tennis shoes from the moment I wake up until the moment I take a bath at night. Then it is socks usually with slippers. Yes, I have actually gotten into the bathtub before with my socks on, accidentally of course! :) This one is for my friend Dalene who doesn't have any OCD tendencies :)

2. I lived in Tehran, Iran as a small child. I was kidnapped for a day in Iran by my بچه نگهدار (babysitter in Farsi) because I had blond hair and green eyes. She wanted to keep me.

3. I LOVE to be alone and it rarely ever happens :)

4. I LOVE a clean house though you would never know it by the state it is always in.

5. I currently have 7 different flavors of coffee creamer in my refrigerator.

6. I have a huge heart for special needs kids, fuzzy creatures, my kids cute little buns, and holidays.

7. I hate to sweat.

I tag Erika my SIL, my husband, and Marci Holley.


Kipplyn said...

I knew all of them except the creamer! :-) Can I come over and enjoy some?

Laura J. said...

I didn't know you were KIDNAPPED!!! You will have to tell me more of that story sometime.

Dalene said...

I live for sweat, I love to be barefoot....WHO ARE YOU???? Maybe we need to spend more time together to balance eachh other out.

But, believe it or not, I love a clean house, too...I just can't work up my inner OCD to keep it that way around the clock.


Christy said...


Brenda said...


Thanks for checking out my blog, saying "Hi", and introducing me to your beautiful family.
I am adding you to my "blogging buddies" list.
Hopefully we will chat (via blog) more soon.