Friday, May 2, 2008

Jay Cutler quarterback of Denver Broncos

Jay Cutler was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this past week. Here is a quote from his press conference. ""It's a big adjustment," Cutler said. "You're 25 years old, you're used to eating whatever you want, doing whatever you want. If you want to go out to lunch, go ahead and go. Now, you're counting carbs and eating healthier and injecting insulin at the table. You've got to have your insulin, your needles, your glucose meter, yeah, it's a big change. But it's something you have to deal with."
Eating less fast food is a silver lining to his diagnosis, said Cutler, who is looking into getting an insulin pump in the next month and plans to expand his charity work to include juvenile diabetes.
He also wants fans to know he's going to be all right.
"This is a serious, serious disease, and I'm going to have it for the rest of my life," Cutler said. "It's not going to change me on the field. I'm going to have some lifestyle changes, but I'm probably going to be a better quarterback this year than I was last year."

Carter, Jim, and I look forward to watching him on the field this next season praying that he can do amazingly well with his diabetes. It would be soooo encouraging to kids with diabetes to see other people with diabetes being able to do big things!


Kipplyn said...

Thanks for the info. Since I am always watching some form of sports, it helps me to personalize the players! We will be watching for him too! We are always praying for Carter and all of you! You are truly amazing!

Marci said...

That is neat to see a professional sports player overcoming what most would call a "disability". It is NO disability at all and I am glad Carter is getting to see others succeed in spite of diabetes.