Friday, May 2, 2008

What a Whirlwind Month!

I have been missing in action these past 4 weeks. Let me try and recap our lives quickly. I got out the clippers last week and shaved the boys hair...Elijah went first and it ended up being the shortest buzz cut imaginable. There was probably an inch and a half of hair in the sink. Carter was terrified that I was going to make him bald like Elijah!

Elijah has also discovered the simplicity of wearing cowboy boots. I decided to get him a pair of his own after he insisted on wearing Hope's hot pink boots everywhere this past week. He is now the proud owner of brown cowboy BOOOTs as he says! He loves them....they especially go well with his lack of hair!

Emma performed her solo and trio dance at the Stage Art productions banquet last Saturday. She did a beautiful job worshiping God throughout her dance and I loved watching her expressions. She has worked on her solo for more than a year with Ms. Kristy. The choreography is beautiful and I treasure all the time Kristy Hewitt has poured into my daughter's heart through her dance. My sweet friend Rachel also helped her to polish up a few things on the Friday before she danced and really poured into Emma's heart the meaning of the words in the song. I want to give a big Thank You to you friend for lifting her spirits!! Hopefully I can post the dance sometime soon on the blog. Hope also brought home an award from the banquet. She was named "TuTu cute". I thought that was great and fit her perfectly!

Last night Carter hit his first home run in coach pitch and we got to cheer him on as he rounded the bases! It was really fun. Jim and I told him how proud we were of him for his attitude both when he struck out twice as well as when he got a great hit. He grins no matter what and just loves playing the game. It was a great game to watch as he played his dear friends Charlie and John. They had an amazing team and gave our boys in outfield something to do for the first time!

We have two more weeks of activities and I can't wait for things to sloooow way down! We have dance costumes all over the house, baseball practices, soccer practices, piano, etc. In my spare time I escape outside tending to my flowers, shrubs, and anything else I can put my hands in to get dirty.

My dear friends and I celebrated my 35 birthday yesterday with lunch. I am blessed to have so many treasures in Godly friends. I love you guys! As I am playing in my dirt I will continue to lift all of you up in my prayers!

Carter has been having a rough month with his blood sugar and it has really kept me on my toes. This disease is soooo frustrating as it never allows a moment to take a break. He threw up a couple of weeks ago for the first time since he was diagnosed. He had moderate ketones which are dangerous for his body. I couldn't get his ketone meter to work and wasted valuable time on the phone with the help line before I could call the diabetes clinic with the information they needed. Ketones show up in the blood and are a sign the body is breaking itself down. Ketones can quickly cause a diabetic to go into a diabetic coma and cause permanent brain and organ damage. The diabetes clinic in Tulsa is AMAZING!!! They called every 45 minutes to check on Carter and tell me how much insulin to give him via shots. I was giving Carter shots of insulin every hour as well as his insulin pump delivering insulin and for about 6 hours NOTHING was working to bring down his blood sugar. Both he and I were praying a lot that everything would level out quickly. I loaded him with zofran to keep him from throwing up again and by Saturday he was feeling so much better. I have been checking him throughout the nights now though because it seems to randomly spike high and low during the night. There is nothing like having your finger pricked at 2 am and Carter gets just a tad bit testy with me kicking me and punching! I hope that I stay bigger than him for a while :) I have had to carry him on my back downstairs at times and literally force him awake to drink chocolate milk and eat peanut butter crackers because his blood sugar is so low. Again it is a battle to get him to wake up and want to eat and feel better! God has been really faithful though and given me a guidance through the Holy Spirit and I just feel sometimes that I need to check on Carter sometimes during the night. 99% of the time he is running very low or very high.


Christy said...

I wish there were a hidden camera in your house so we could show people how hard you work behind the scenes to literally keep that sweet boy alive. He will be thankful one day...
Other people may not ever appreciate it, but I guess that's not the point right?

Dalene said...

Happy Birthday. You're a good mommy.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Laura. I am sorry about Carter and I agree with Christy and Dalene you are a great mom and you are having to work so hard for him. Wow.