Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Remember those books....I am Waldo....I am buried under a house of clutter, a mass of activities, and the business/chaos of running a zoo. I no longer blog because I can't get my computer working....I blame Dell. I also can't find it under all the piles on my counter!!! LOL I no longer read blogs because I can't find the time any longer to sit down. I am working out like days are starting at 5:30 am walking with new friends in the neighborhood 4+ miles. I am drinking 120 oz of water a day and still gaining 10 pounds. What in the HECK is up with that!! I have given up my dearest friend Sonic cokes which I LOVE and am sadly going through withdrawals. My kids think it brings on more periods of Miss Cranky Pants during the day. I miss my cokes dearly! My closet sits full of clothes that no longer body is sorer than I ever remember. I finally get what people meant about "you need to stretch" I am 35 now...not in my 20's. Why does getting in shape hurt so much...if this is FUN...I would rather be unfun.

As I write this, Emma is reminding me that I am crabbing and not glorifying God right now in my words! So I need to get off of the computer and go work on my time with the Lord and hang out with these awesome kids I have been blessed with. The Flylady is back in my life and kicking my tail back in shape. We are de-cluttering our nest over here and getting rid of lots of stuff. Hopefully we will have the Madame Blueberry Stuffmart garage sale next Friday morning! If you don't hear from me for awhile...don't worry, I will be back sometime!

Meanwhile if you want check out the Flylady... and her friend Both have been very helpful lately in my life!

Okay I don't think I am playing the tag game this time around but I thought I would share some of my bad habits lately...
1. Not paying attention to detail while driving....I rear ended a man Monday night at Price and Silver Lake...That was a GREAT start to my week. :) So much for my perfect driving record. Also what I get for being impatient!
2. Poor conflict resolution: My kids are fighting and screaming during breakfast....I went upstairs and crawled back in bed....for 45 minutes.
3. While cutting fingernails and toenails I managed to make 4 toe's bleed and 2 fingers....who's next in line?
4. I have crankily, flushed 2 fish down the potty....cleaned up 3 piles of cat throw up and 1 dog bed with throw up. I can have a VERY Bad attitude towards these creatures that live in our house! We have LOTS of Flying Fur!
5. Again attention to detail... We have accidently thrown away 3 of Eli's swimsuits that were pooped....Really not an economically sound way of cleaning up :) I don't want to hear any potty training advice on this child...HE JUST DOESN'T CARE!!! :)
6. You know your pleasant when your kids start every sentence with "Mom, don't get mad But....." and to sum it all up Carter tells me one day "Mom, you kind of remind me of the white witch in Narnia" hmmmm beyond the blatant lack of respect it does make me ponder my tude!


Nise(Denise) said...

Girl you need a trip without animals, kids and responsibility. When can you get away and we go shopping T-Town and have a nice dinner. I want to catch up. Call me asap!

Kipplyn said...

Oh friend! What a season! Love you!

Christy said...

Thanks for the giggles this morning! Sorry you're drowning over there. Does it make you feel better when I tell you that I am there too?? We are cleaning kids closets today. YUCK! I think Kip has it figured out... we just need to sell everything and MOVE!! (not to Costa Rica though.)


Casey said...

clearly, you are not alone :) I've had to ask forgiveness from my kids more times than i like to remember in the last 3 months. oh to be refined :) hope we get some time to catch up when we're home...we head that direction in about 3 weeks. can hardly wait!

<>< Casey

Dalene said...

Fun post...we're all laughing because we feel the same way.

There's nothing like the blatant honesty of children to whip us right in to shape.

Trinidy said...

yay, I found you! I came across your blog along time ago and was trying to find it again to let you know I have pictures of Emma. I have a couple of pictures of the girls on my blog. Email me at and I will send you an invite!
They did such a great job that night!

Kipplyn said...

OK, You MUST post at least once a month, sweet friend! Let us see some pics of your cutie little fishes!