Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Catching Up

This week I feel as if I have been spinning my wheels trying to "catch up" . The catch up to what question has been on my heart today....catch up so I can relax and play on the floor more with the younger kids, catch up so that I can be more intentional and creative in my time with Emma and Carter. Catch up on house cleaning so I can be organized more for the next moment....perhaps that is the wrong perspective. Instead of living in my mommy world of chaos...I want to try and remove the chaos and be more purposeful and intentional of my interactions with those who are around me. Taking time to look at their faces and love them as they interact with me. I want to build their character up in Christ and share with them the love he has for them. I fear that if I spend to much time trying to "catch up" that I am going to spend some years completely missing the treasure of this time.

By the way... I miss my dear friend kipplyn....she is on an adventure of her own right now in Costa Rica. I have enjoyed reading her blog and treasure any emails or pictures I get from her. It is really strange for me not being able to pick up the phone and chat with her several times a day. I definetly realize how much I value her steadfastness and faithfulness as a friend.

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